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    Can anyone help us with this travel by bus/coach. My mother can't really go through high altitude. We need for her to travel in comfort and to reach Chicago not feeling very tired. We are going to sleep for 3 nights and travel for 4 days.

    Does anyone have recommendation for the route? We look into the I-40 or I-80 and somewhere in between...

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    And these Hellocs are the main cause of the sub prime market of today? Or am I wrong here?
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    I believe what has happened in the housing crisis will make HELOCs even less attractive; whilst in the past they were a sure way to unlock equity, now with falling home values there's a risk of ending up with negative equity.
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    And you how are old? If you can do what a 21-year-old youth full of vigor can do, then you are 21. Number of years you have lived on earth is "irrelevant" sometimes
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    I voted for XP because I find this operating system do not required higher of expensive hardware. The speed is enough for me to finish a day work.